Evolution of the VertiGrip Mini

Mechanical design is fast approaching a point at which I can get realistic volume pricing from suppliers.

Evolution of VertiGrip design
3D printed prototypes

This image shows the evolution of the design from the earliest full grip prototypes on the far right, to the stripped down VertiGrip Mini on the left. Piggybacking on the Nikon MB-N10 battery pack allows us to keep the product small and our tooling costs down. A full grip approach results in larger tools, high tooling costs impact the sale price of the product.

One of the surprises for me has been how separating larger components into two pieces has reduced the total cost of the product. OK you have to then assemble the product but just shows how additive manufacturing can change your approach to design for manufacture.

The days of just using 3d printing to test your injection molding component design are well and truly over, 3d printing can be your product, especially if you are a low volume manufacture.

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